Sunday, 15 February 2015

Why you may want to have a corporate secertary for your business

Corporate secretaries are business's best friends. When you operate a business you will probably require a lot of resolutions passed for your business , especially if you have partners, this is something common for business to have and quarrels. The corporate secretary can be someone in the middle to mediate things and settle for the company some complex issues.

The corporate secretary is also someone who is able to support the company through all the filings and also giving advice to the company directors and shareholders to make the best options and also the best timings for filing of your various items and also to have the items filed in the best time frame so that you do not miss out and get fines

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

What to look out for when you set up a singapore business

When you are setting up a singapore business there are a few things that you need to take note of so that you do not get into big trouble when you are into the business and things are too late to be changed or adjusted.

When you are setting up always make sure that whoever is the director is able to handle the work and will not give trouble when it is time to sign documents. You will have some problems if the accounts are not sign off by the directors and in that situation incur cost that will keep the company in trouble.

Shareholders are also a very big portion of the business, always make sure that the shareholders have limited control of management if they only pay for the business.

Setting up business is tough, work hard, good luck

How to set up a company in Singapore

Are you keen on setting up a business in Singapore

Singapore is very popular for start ups now especially so if you are coming from a technological background. Tech companies are very popular here because there are many educated persons with very strong tech backgrounds that you can take advantage of.

The government is also very keen on improving productivity and reducing the need of more foreigner workers and will therefore strongly support start ups that are able to achieve their goals of reducing reliance on manpower.

You need to have a local director if you require a Singapore company to be set up. Nominee directors can be appointed for a fee if you need it and that will allow you to operate without having to find someone you might know but instead pay someone to stand in the position but have no actual power to make decisions for your business.

You will also be required to figure out what is the shareholding now and how you want to structure the company in terms of the shareholding and this will allow the company to have the shares held by those who commit the most to the company. As the shareholders are the rightful owners of the company, the shareholders can get rid of the directors if they do not perform and this they must be aware.